Supreme Court of India

Section 498A IPC; Rajesh Sharma Vs. State of U.P. [Supreme Court of India, 27-07-2017]

Penal Code, 1860 - Section 498A - Misuse of - Directions - Family Welfare Committees - Designated Investigating Officer - Constitution of - Every complaint under Section 498A received by the police or the Magistrate be referred to and looked into by such committee - Committee members will not be called as witnesses - Till report of the committee is received, no arrest should normally be effected. (more…)

Supreme Court of India

Education Rules; Ram Kumar Patel Vs. State of U.P. [Supreme Court of India, 25-07-2017]

Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 - S. 23 - National Council for Teachers’ Education Act, 1993 - U.P. Basic Education Act, 1972 - S. 19 - Uttar Pradesh Basic Education (Teachers) Service Rules, 1981 - U.P. Basic Education (Teachers) Service (16th Amendment) Rules, 2012 - Qualification for appointment as teachers and conditions of service of teachers of basic schools - Teacher Eligibility Test (TET). (more…)

Kerala High Court

Actress Abduction Case; P. Gopalakrishnan @ Dileep Vs. State [Kerala High Court, 24-07-2017]

Penal Code, 1860 - Ss. 120(B), 342, 366, 376 (D), 411, 506 (1), 201, 212 & 34 - Information Technology Act, 2008 - Ss. 66 (E) & 67(A) - Actress Abduction Case - Conspiracy - Bail Application - A young actress was abducted in the busiest National Highway, taken through the city for about two and half hours, subjected to the shocking ordeal of sexual assault and video graphed, inside a moving car - The commission of crime is so cruel and diabolic and liable to shake the conscience of the society - Bail Application Dismissed. (more…)

Supreme Court of India

Service Law; Shubham Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha, Waddhamana Vs. Shri Dnyaneshwar Govindrao Daigavhane [Supreme Court of India, 17-07-2017]

Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 - Maharashtra Employees of Private Schools (Conditions of Service) Regulation Act, 1977 - School Tribunal - Termination Order - Whether the order passed by the School Tribunal dated 30.01.2015, which upheld the Inquiry Report and, in consequence, the termination of respondent No.1, is legal or not? (more…)