Vinod Kumar Gupta Vs. Whatsapp Inc [Competition Commission of India, 01-06-2017]

Competition Act, 2002 – Whatsapp & Facebook – Predatory Pricing – Privacy Policy – Users of ‘WhatsApp’ have been forced to share their account details and other information with ‘Facebook’ in order to continue availing the services of ‘WhatsApp’ – Even though ‘WhatsApp’ appears to be dominant in the relevant market, […]

Criminal Law; Shubha Shrivastava Vs. State of M.P. [Madhya Pradesh High Court, 26-05-2017]

In order to bring out an offence under Section 306 IPC specific abetment as contemplated by Section 107 IPC on the part of the accused with an intention to bring about the suicide of the person concerned as a result of that abetment is required. The intention of the accused […]

Consumer Law; Prerna Dewan Vs. IREO Fiveriver [SCDRC, Chandigarh, 25-05-2017]

Whether, the circumstances in the instant case, encountered by the opposite party, can be termed as force majeure circumstances, for non-development & construction work at the site and non-delivery of possession of the units, by the stipulated date or not.

Approver; Srikant Jain Vs. State Thr. Cbi [Delhi High Court, 19-05-2017]

Tender of pardon is complete only after the approver is examined before the Court and cross-examined by the parties. Where the approver dies before examination, tender of pardon is not complete and Section 306 Cr.P.C. will have no application.

Civil Nature; Achala Dhawan Vs. State of U.P. [Allahabad High Court, 19-05-2017]

In the instant case, the matter is sub-judice in the civil court regarding the genuineness of the disputed Will, therefore, to institute a criminal prosecution on the allegation that the Will is forged one will be abuse of the process of the law.

Land Acquisition; S.K. Mehrotra Vs. Lucknow Development Authority [Allahabad High Court, 17-05-2017]

In this case, no hard and fast rule can be laid down as to what act would constitute taking of possession of the acquired land but if the acquired land is vacant, the act of the State authorities visited and after measurement took the possession, raised construction, allotted land to […]

Arbitral Proceedings; Ssangyong Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. Vs. Engineering Associates [Madhya Pradesh High Court, 17 May, 2017]

The power of the court under Section 9 is not limited only in respect of such cases, where the arbitral proceedings have either not commenced or are in progress. It extends to even such cases where an arbitral award has come into existence, but is still not in the process […]