Corruption In A Civilized Society Is A Disease Like Cancer

Corruption : It has been held by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, in case titled as, State of M.P. and Others vs. Ram Singh and Others, AIR 2000 SC 870:

  • Corruption in a civilized society is a disease like cancer, which, if not detected in time, is sure to maliganise the polity of country leading to disastrous consequences.
  • It is termed as plague which is not only contagious but if not controlled, spreads like a fire in a jungle. Its’ virus is compared with HIV leading to AIDS, being incurable. It has also been termed as Royal thievery.
  • The socio­political system exposed to such a dreaded communicable disease is likely to crumble under its own weight.
  • Corruption is opposed to democracy and social order, being not only anti people, but aimed and targeted against them. It affects the economy and destroys the cultural heritage.
  • Unless nipped in the bud at the earliest, it is likely to cause turbulence shaking of the socio­economic­political system in an otherwise healthy, wealthy, effective and vibrating society.

Corruption by Public Servant

In case titled as State of M.P. vs. Shambhu Dayal Nagar, (2006) 8 SCC 693, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has further held as under:­

  • It is difficult to accept the prayer of the respondent that a lenient view be taken in this case. The corruption by public servants has become a gigantic problem. It has spread everywhere. No facet of public activity has been left unaffected by the stink of corruption.
  • It has deep and pervasive impact on the functioning of the entire country. Large­scale corruption retards the nation­building activities and everyone has to suffer on that count.

As has been aptly observed in Swatantar Singh v. State of Haryana, (1997) 4 SCC 14 corruption is corroding, like cancerous lymph nodes, the vital veins of the body politics, social fabric of efficiency in the public service and demoralising the honest officers.

  • The efficiency in public service would improve only when the public servant devotes his sincere attention and does the duty diligently, truthfully, honestly and devotes himself assiduously to the performance of the duties of his post.
  • The reputation of corrupt would gather thick and unchaseable clouds around the conduct of the officer and gain notoriety much faster than the smoke.