What Is The Procedure If A Person In Lawful Custody Escapes

Escapes : Section 60 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 empowers a Police Officer to pursue a person to any place in India for the purpose of arrest even without a warrant.

Power, on escapes, to pursue and retake

If a person in lawful custody escapes or is rescued, the person from whose custody he escaped or was rescued may immediately pursue and arrest him in any place in India. [S. 60 (1)]

The provisions of section 47 shall apply to arrests under sub- section (1) although the person making any such arrest is not acting under a warrant and is not a police officer having authority to arrest. [S. 60 (2)]

By virtue of Section 47 (1) Cr.P.C.if any person acting under a warrant of arrest, or any police officer having authority to arrest, has reason to believe that the person to be arrested has entered into, or is within, any place, any person residing in, or being in charge of, such place shall, on demand of such person acting as aforesaid or such police officer, allow him free ingress thereto, and afford all reasonable facilities for a search therein.

Pursuit of offenders into other jurisdictions

A police officer may, for the purpose of arresting without warrant any person whom he is authorised to arrest, pursue such person into any place in India. [S. 48]