We Are Not Fighting for Environment But for Human Race; Delhi HC

The Delhi High Court yesterday said that it is for survival of the human race and love for it that directions have been passed for the past one year on the issue of air pollution.

A bench of justices Badar Durrez Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva noted that forest density was less in many areas of the capital.

“We are not fighting for the environment but for survival of the human race. Not for love of plants and trees, but love for the human race,”

the bench said.

The Court asked AAP government to show what has been done to protect trees in the city.

“Show us what you have done in last one year? Show us photos and maps? Show us the action you have taken? We do not want words (on paper) we want to see it,”

the bench added.

Human Race & Nature

It observed that normally when a nature was left to itself, it would reclaim the land it has lost, but the human race never leaves anything alone.

The court directed the Delhi government to place before it data of 1996 with regard to forest cover as it existed back then in the national capital and the current position. It directed the government to file the data and reports within six weeks.

Delhi Police, meanwhile, was asked to file an affidavit within two weeks on how it was going to utilise balance funds of around Rs 175 crore that was currently with it and with specific timelines.

The direction was issued after central government standing counsel Vivek Goyal informed the bench that as per a communication received from Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Rs 275 crore was allocated for the period 2012-2017 to Delhi Police for spending on modernisation of traffic and communication network of the force, but only about Rs 100 crore has been spent till 2016.

Taking note of the submission, the court observed that the police had spent only “paltry sums” in last four years and now in the fifth year of plan, it was going to “splurge” which was “not how planning works”.