Evidence Law; 173 Key Underlying Principles & Rules

Basic Principles and Rules of Law of Evidence 1. ”Fact” may be physical, psychological, positive and negative. Anything capable of being perceived by sense is fact. Section 3 2. Connection of events as cause and effect is relevancy. 3. A fact which has a certain degree of ”probative force” is […]

Synopsis of The Indian Evidence Act, 1872: The Important Relevant Sections

Indian Evidence Act, 1872 : Section 4 is dealt with ”May presume”, ”Shall presume”, ”Conclusive proof”. Sections 5-55 are dealt with ”relevancy of facts”. Sections 17-31 are dealt with ”admissions”. Sections 32-33 are dealt with ”statements by persons that those persons who can not be called as witnesses.” Sections 34-39 […]