6. The Trial Court after recording evidence and hearing both the parties, convicted appellant No. 1 Ramkrishna @ Sanju under Section 341,307, and 324 of I.P.C. and the appellants no.2, 3 and 4 under Section 341,323 of I.P.C.

7. The counsel for the appellants did not challenge the findings of conviction recorded by the Trial Court.

8. It is submitted by the counsel for the appellants that the parties have resolved their disputes and an application for permission to compromise was also filed before this Court which has been verified by the Principal Registrar, of this Court, therefore, the appellants may be acquitted or may be saddled with the jail sentence of period already undergone.

9. Considered the submissions made by the Counsel for the appellants.

10. So far as the offences under Sections 323, 324 and 341 of I.P.C. are concerned, they are compoundable and thus, the offences can be compounded even at the appellate/revisional stage.

11. This Court by order dated 13-11-2017 had directed the parties to appear before the Principal Registrar, of this Court for verification of factum of compromise.

12. The Principal Registrar of this Court has submitted the following report :

Statement of Accused/Appellant No.1 Ramkrishna @ Sanju, No.2 Bhagwati, No.3 Ramlakhan & No.4 Siyaram and Complainant/victim No.1 Rajesh Sharma and Ramjilal are recorded. Matter perused, inquired and heard as to factum of compromise.

After verifying parties present before me that they have arrived at compromise voluntarily, without any threat, inducement and coercion.

According to under Section 320 of Cr.P.C. offences under Section 323,324 & 341 of I.P.C. are compoundable. But offence under Section 307 of IPC is not compoundable.”

13. Thus, the application filed under Section 320(2) of Cr.P.C. is allowed and the appellant no.1 is acquitted of charge under Sections 324, 341 of I.P.C. and the remaining appellants are acquitted of the charge under Sections 323,341 of I.P.C.

14. The appellant No.1 has also been convicted under Section 307 of I.P.C.

15. The next question for determination is that whether the appellant No. 1 Ram Krishna @ Sanju can be acquitted from the charge under Section 307 of I.P.C. on the basis of compromise at the appellate stage or not?