Registration Act; Sankaralingam Vs. Secretary to State Government of Tamil Nadu [Madras High Court, 04-12-2017]

Registration Act, 1908 – The respondents are directed to correct the discrepancies in the website entries at the earliest and without delay as and when pointed out. The registering authorities cannot decline to register documents offline since online registration is only at the pilot run stage.

Criminal Procedure; Murugasamy Vs State [Madras High Court, 15-09-2017]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 – S. 164 – Statement of Victim / Witness – Confession Statement of the Accused – Dying declaration recorded by the Magistrate – Test Identification Parade report of the Magistrate – Special Rooms for Conduct of Test Identification Parades in all the Prisons – Directions Issued.

Vande Matharam; K. Veeramani Vs. Teachers Recruitment Board [Madras High Court, 25-07-2017]

The National Song “ Vande Matharam ” shall be played and sung in all schools / colleges / Universities and other educational institutions atleast once a week (Preferably on Monday or Friday) – In all Government Offices and Institutions / Private companies / Factories and industries at least once a […]

Criminal Law; Kalaiselvi Vs. Sivasubramanian [Madras High Court, 13-06-2016]

Constitution of India – Article 22(1) – Whether like a suit or appeal suit, a criminal appeal could be dismissed for default – Held, There is no disposal/dismissal of a criminal appeal for default. There cannot be an exparte judgment under criminal law. If an appeal is dismissed for default, it will […]

R. Gowrishankar Vs. Commissioner of Service Tax [Madras High Court, 13-06-2016]

Constitution of India – Article 226 – While the High Court exercising the jurisdiction under Article 226 of Constitution of India, approves the correctness of the order of the appellate authority, it has no power to direct the appellate authority to consider the appeal on merits as otherwise it would […]

MSMED Act; Refex Energy Ltd. Vs. Union of India, [Madras High Court, 02-06-2016]

MSMED Act – This writ petition is filed under Article 226 of the constitution of India, to issue a Writ of Declaration, declaring section 18 of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 as ultravires Article 14 of the constitution of India.