6. In the counter affidavit filed by the respondents, it is stated that the software relating to registration procedures and issuance of certified copy of encumbrance certificates were developed under STAR project 1.0. The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken a policy decision to apply information technology in registration department. The Government has accorded administrative sanction and financial sanction vide G.O.Ms.No.143 dated 20.11.2012. TATA Consultancy Services has been selected to implement the said project. They have prepared the software for land registration and the associated modules have been completed. The pilot run commenced from 17.07.2007 in Sub Registrar Offices.

7. According to the respondents, the TNIGR portal developed under Project Team STAR 2.0 allows the citizens to directly log on and create document for required Deeds either in Tamil or English. The programme enables the citizen to create Index also. The process is so simple and more user friendly that the citizens would opt only for online registration rather than offline once they understand the benefits of online registration.

8. The optimism exhibited in the counter affidavit is not shared by the writ petitioner. In fact, in the counter affidavit, the respondents have admitted that there are mistakes in the website entries. On 10.04.2007, the Sub Registrar, Sivakasi had already submitted a report to the I.G. of Registration, Chennai in this regard. The respondents undertake to rectify the mistakes pointed out by the writ petitioner.

9. Thus, two of the grievances expressed by the writ petitioner have already been addressed by the respondents. The respondents have made it clear that online registration is only optional for the present and that it is only in the pilot run stage. It is true that there are certain teething troubles and that they have to be fixed.

10. But, as regards creation of index, the respondents strongly contest the stand of the writ petitioner. It is therefore necessary to find out if the online module synchronises with the statutory scheme.