Registration Act; Sankaralingam Vs. Secretary to State Government of Tamil Nadu [Madras High Court, 04-12-2017]

Registration Act, 1908 – The respondents are directed to correct the discrepancies in the website entries at the earliest and without delay as and when pointed out.┬áThe registering authorities cannot decline to register documents offline since online registration is only at the pilot run stage.

Registration; Satya Pal Anand Vs. State of M.P. [Supreme Court of India, 26-10-2016]

Registration Act, 1908 – Section 68 & 72 – Once the document is registered, it is not open to any Authority, under the Act of 1908 to cancel the registration. The remedy of appeal provided under the Act of 1908, in Part XII, in particular Section 72, is limited to […]