MACT Awards 30 Lakh Damages to a Man Disabled in Road Mishap

A Delhi Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) has awarded Rs 30 lakh as compensation to a Delhi resident who got partly disabled in a road accident in 2014.

The Presiding Officer Naveen Arora directed the insurer of the vehicle involved in the accident to pay compensation of Rs 30,14,225 to south-Delhi resident Rajender considering the 67 per cent permanent disability suffered by him.

“As per the statement of doctor, the petitioner shall not be able to work even in future with this kind of disability, hence, his functional disability in my opinion can be taken as 100 per cent as he shall not be able to work in future,”

the tribunal observed.

Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT)

According to the petitioner, on August 4, 2014, he was riding pillion with Om Prakash on a scooty and the front wheel of the vehicle fell into a ditch, injuring both.

Om Prakash, against whom the petition was filed, stayed away from the proceedings and failed to explain how he was not negligent in driving.

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The tribunal directed ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd, the insurer of the scooty, to pay the compensation amount to the victim.

It, however, said that the insurance company shall have the right to recover the amount from the accused scooty rider after it was submitted that he was not having a valid driving licence.

“Balancing the ‘twin interest’ of the insurance company at one hand and the third party i.E. Petitioner …, it is directed that the insurance company shall pay the compensation awarded to the petitioner within the time given in this award and shall have the right to recover the same from respondent no. 1 (Om Prakash),”

the tribunal said.